These Village Girls In China Can Beat Even The Victoria’s Secret Models

What do you picture when someone tells you to imagine a ‘village girl’? Depending on the place or country from where you hail, we’d all have a variety of different imaginations, with the spectrum being far too wide. But whatever it be, if there’s one thing that can be claimed, it’s that the following pictures of village girls from China aren’t going to be anything you’d expect. But then again, if you start expecting the unexpected, it would mean that it is exactly what you expected. Anyway, instead of getting into this paradox for no apparent reason, just check out what we have for you! Are those chillies meant to symbolise the ‘hotness’?

She’s so hot that the water behind her could very well turn to steam!

I don’t know about dragons, but China is a land of beautiful women.

Can’t believe? See it by your own!

Don’t think anyone’s going to disagree after seeing this picture!

You didn’t expect this, did you?

Well, who could?

Let’s just thank the internet!

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