The Top 10 Popular Movie Scenes That Are Paused the Most.

Look at the pictures.#10 She’s the Man

Amanda Bynes flashes her boobs to the whole stadium to prove that she is a girl. This goes without a doubt that the scene goes for a pause in a hope of seeing more.

#9 Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This sexy scene of Phoebe Cates in 1980s made her very popular and her fans pausing the moment when she emerges from the pool and removes the top of her bikini.

#8 Total Recall

A weird scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger came across a prostitute with 3 breasts which definitely need pausing as you don’t get to see this very often.

#7 Titanic

Who doesn’t remember this iconic movie, and especially the scene where Jack was drawing a nude Kate Winslet which makes the people click the pause button.

#6 Boogie Nights

Though the movie had a lot of female porn stars, the end scene where Dirk Diggler gave his best was the freezing moment of the movie.

#5 Signs

At a time when an alien theme was so trendy, people really liked this movie but could not manage to see the alien for most of the movie until this scene came and went so quickly that it needs to be paused to see the alien.

#4 The Wizard of Oz

This movie taught us about kindness and friendship, but in this scene where Dorothy and her friends were singing into the woods, a weird movement happened in the background which many tried to see by pausing the movie but it still remains a question.

#3 The Exorcist

That’s the movie which is a big hit in the horror industry with many scenes appearing in the movie where scary demons appear. There are some scenes which are so quick that you need to pause them for a better look.

#2 Burn after Reading

The scene that is most paused in this movie is the one where a bullet hits Brad’s skull which makes us cry watching him die again and again.

#1 The Wolf of Wall Street

The performance of Margot Robbie in this movie was so hot that the scene where she was teasing Leonardo under the hidden camera was paused many numbers of times

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