18 Issues With The Young Girls Of The Current Generation

Every generation has its own way of doing things. And the previous generation always disagrees on these very ways adopted by their successors. We can’t really blame anyone for this. Things change with time, they are bound to. But then there are things which are being done by the millennials which are beyond our understanding. There are issues with the young girls and guys which are illogical to the very core. Millennials are more of a technology generated group of people and they love posting everything on the social media sites.

1. Well, one of those issues which badly needs to be solved.

2. How come these young girls even get in a relationship.

3. Dear millennial generation- here is a burn for you.

4. What’re the issues with these young girls these days.

5. And then there is the duck face. Why.

6. Aww is probably the first sign of being friend-zoned.

7. To be very honest, no comments.

8. Change indeed is necessary but not of this kind.

9. This generation, young girls, and selfies, the trilogy we don’t want.

11. Yeah, right. I remember when I was 13, my biggest concern was Pokemon.

12. Be it young girls or old ones, this is one mystery no one can solve.

13. I am going to use this one line someday soon.

14. One of those issues which do not change no matter what the generation is.

15. This is going to haunt me for days, I swear.

16. Ouch! This is going to hurt bad, very bad.

17. I wonder how the 6th graders will look 10 years down the line.

18. It’s fashion, no one should say anything, not even while trolling. Kidding.

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